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Sleek Design

Whether you choose modern handles and equal sightlines or cottage bars and traditional timber joints, our flush windows deliver stunning symmetry. Being slimmer than standard windows, their increased glazing and smooth, seamless lines leave impressive sightlines for you and the visitors of your home.

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Seamless Installation

Ensuring your project is quick and stress free while achieving BBA certification every step of the way, we won’t ever compromise on the performance or quality of your flush windows. Fitting seamlessly into existing timber frames, their 70mm width and patented knock-in beads make them an excellent and easy choice for new build properties and replacements.

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Energy Efficient

Enjoy your home all year round with up to A+ energy ratings and as low as 0.8 W/m2K U-values using our stunning triple glazing. Delivering the very best in performance and style, open up your home with increased lighting, space and warmth with these excellent windows. You’ll even reap the benefits of lower energy bills and efficient insulation throughout the year.

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High Security

Designed, manufactured and tested to withstand even modern burglary attempts, our flush sash windows deliver high security time and time again. Built with secure glazing panels, resistant frames, and durable hardware, you can enjoy these Part Q and Secured by Design compliant windows for their simplicity and flawless design.

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Long Lasting

Enjoy our modern flush casement windows for years to come thanks to their long lasting technology. Manufactured using 100% recycled materials, they deliver innovative sustainability and high quality throughout their product lifespan. Installed with a ten year guarantee, our suppliers carefully control manufacturing to ensure these windows are built to last.

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Weather Resistance

Gone are the days of leaking or rusting windows, thanks to the robust and reliable design and testing of our flush uPVC windows. Their watertight seals and strong glazing mean that you can enjoy market leading weather performance in the Swindon and Wiltshire areas no matter the weather. Delivering high standards of adhesion and air tightness, you won’t need to worry about these windows fading, rusting or declining over time.

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Open up Your Home

Endless Flush Casement Window Configurations

Create a flush fitting window which meets your design requirements and home needs. Available in a range of single and dual colours, finishes, glazing and hardware, these windows are the perfect addition to any traditional, contemporary, modern or newly built home. Pick from up to 32 additional colours or our 19 frame colours from stock and tailor them to an exact colour match. Choosing one of our through colours, you can be sure that no white uPVC will be in sight. Manufactured with a full depth Eurogroove, you can enjoy full compatibility with our contemporary monkey tail and teardrop handles, as well as optional mechanical joints.

Suit Your Needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are flush casement windows?

Flush casement windows are a sleek and modern type of casement window where the sash sits flush with the frame when closed, creating a smooth, flat surface on the exterior. This design complements both contemporary and traditional architectural styles while differing from traditional casement windows, where the sash overlaps the frame and will.

What are the benefits of flush casement windows?

Flush casement windows offer an innovative look, enhancing buildings with their seamless design. They improve insulation by reducing air leakage, require minimal maintenance, and can be customised to fit various architectural styles, making them ideal for residential and commercial properties.

How secure are flush casement windows?

Being equipped with high quality locking mechanisms, our flush casement windows can ensure you feel safe and secure in your home. Featuring state of the art multi point locking systems and robust hardware, our windows provide homeowners with peace of mind against intruders and even the most modern burglary techniques.

What maintenance do flush casement windows require?

To maintain flush casement windows, you can clean the frames and glass occasionally with mild detergent, lubricate hinges and locks periodically, inspect for wear or damage, and promptly address issues to maintain efficiency and security. Their long lasting colours will preserve their appearance and protect against the elements for years to come.

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