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Additional Space

Invite guests into your home during bad weather, or create an additional storage room with our beautiful porches. However you choose to utilise our installations, they’ll offer you the perfect amount of room to make the perfect impression on your visitors or keep your post and parcels safe.

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Increased Security

Make you and your loved ones feel safe with our secure porch installations. Sealed and finished to the highest standards, you can add a new security feature to the front, rear or side of your home. Designed from our beautiful range of windows and doors, their multi-point locking systems will deliver undisputed security no matter where you live throughout Swindon and Wiltshire areas.

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Energy Efficient

Keep your home from losing heat with an extra door. Perfect for the summer and winter months, the double glazing used within our porches allows you to save on your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. Keep the heat in and cold out during winter, or open up your home during the summer for even better airflow.

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Minimal Maintenance

Manufactured with a stunning range of glazing, our porches deliver low maintenance and upkeep no matter the time of year. Keep your home and door canopy looking as good as new with as little as a quick sponge clean, thanks to the high quality glazing, uPVC and materials we use throughout installation.

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Designed and Fitted

Create the perfect design for your home with our bespoke solutions. Designed to suit a variety of spaces and shapes, our porches are incredibly versatile to fit your property. Fitting seamlessly into your home aesthetic, you can create a traditional, contemporary, modern or new build finish for your home.

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Eye Catching

Add to the style and elegance of your home with our porches. Delivering unparalleled kerb views, you can impress your neighbours and guests by drawing their eye to your home. Whether you’re looking to make the main entrance of your house more noticeable or add extra value to your home, our door canopies are an excellent way to do that.

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Create the entrance of your dreams

Stunning Porch Configuration and Designs

Select from a beautiful range of windows and glazing for the perfect new addition to your home. Whether you create a private space for yourself and your family with privacy and obscure glass or open up your home to beautiful outdoor aesthetics with clear glazing, we have options to suit you.

Choose from a variety of uPVC colours and enjoy the seamless or complimentary finishes of our door canopies. You won’t even need to worry about security as our entire range of single, French and patio door designs will keep you feeling safe, secure and fulfilled with your project dreams.

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Envision your Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a porch?

A porch is a covered structure typically attached to the entrance of a building, providing a protected area for shelter from the weather and a transitional space between indoors and outdoors. We have an excellent range of customisation options so you can find the perfect porch design for you and your Swindon or Wiltshire home.

What are the benefits of adding a porch?

Our porches offer several advantages, including enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, providing additional space for outdoor relaxation or storage, increasing energy efficiency by reducing heat loss from the entrance of your home, and offering protection from the elements.

Do I need planning permission to build a porch?

In many cases, adding a porch to your property is considered permitted development and does not require planning permission, provided it meets specific criteria such as size, height, and location. However, we recommend checking local regulations and consulting with local authorities before building.

Can I add a porch to my existing home?

Yes, porches can be added to existing homes, provided there is enough space and structural support. By working with us and our experienced team, we can help you design and build a porch that complements your home’s architecture and meets your needs.

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