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Glass Conservatory Roof Features

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Design Versatility

Enjoy more flexibility with our glass conservatory roofs and make your home project a success. With durable, toughened, or performance glass, you can feel safe in your home or use 24mm to 35mm glass for stunning external sightlines. Hide your guttering with decorative cornices and create a truly seamless and eye catching design.

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Excellent Technology

Manufactured with industry leading technology and components, invest in an installation which has been tailor made to your project and home. Calculated using your postcode to protect against snow and wind loads, their adjustable pitch and customisable designs are just a few of the ways they use innovative technology to deliver the best glass conservatory roofs available.

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Superior Energy Efficiency

Benefit from the latest materials and glazing technology for superior comfort and thermal insulation with our glass conservatory roofs. Designed with thermally efficient top caps, our roofs can help you and your family control temperatures and lower your bills for years of efficiency to come.

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Tested to Last

Enjoy no structural issues and patented speed lock technology with our glass conservatory roofs. Built, tested and installed to provide ten years of guaranteed protection, they are designed with trickle vents as standard, so you know our roofs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and the test of time.

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Accredited and Compliant

Delivering highly compliant and approved systems, you can relax knowing our glass conservatory roofs are installed with a certificate of authenticity and are the only roofs to be BBA compliant. Similarly, they are pre-approved by Assent and JHAI to assure you that our products and services are installed with less mess and disruption every step of the way.

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High Performing Systems

Sit back and enjoy glass conservatory roofs that are built with performance in mind. Protecting you against higher energy usage, harsh weather conditions, loud external noise and the most modern burglary techniques, the glazing used within our roofs performs like no other. Paired with trickle vents, they will help reduce condensation, stop overheating and protect against leaks for additional peace of mind.

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Create more space for your home

Customise our Beautiful Glass Conservatory Roofs

Choose from our gorgeous portfolio of colours, such as white, mahogany, grey and bespoke, to create the perfect impression on your home. Whether you install our glass conservatory roofs onto Georgian, P & T shaped, Victorian, lean-to or gable conservatories, they are the perfect versatile system.

Enjoy their plastered internal pelmets or pier and dwarf walls for orangeries or their super insulated or brick columns for house extensions throughout the Swindon and Wiltshire areas. Delivering aesthetically pleasing results, you can pick from uPVC or aluminium and design any shape and any size for anywhere in your home.

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Open Up Rooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of glass conservatory roofs?

Our beautiful glass conservatory roofs offer several advantages. They maximise natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Their transparency provides unobstructed outdoor views, creating a seamless connection with nature. Plus, they add a modern and stylish touch to conservatories, enhancing their overall appearance.

How energy efficient are glass conservatory roofs?

Modern glass conservatory roofs are designed with energy efficient features, such as double or triple glazing and thermal breaks, to minimise heat loss and improve insulation. Through these additions, you can make your conservatory comfortable with the perfect temperature all year round.

Can I install a glass conservatory roof on an existing conservatory?

Yes, our glass conservatory roofs can be installed as replacements for existing roofs throughout Wiltshire, Swindon, and surrounding areas. During the project process, we will ensure your current conservatory structure is suitable and meets the requirements for installation.

Are glass conservatory roofs noise insulating?

While traditional glass conservatory roofs may produce some noise during heavy rain or hailstorms, our systems are manufactured and tested to include proper insulation and glazing to reduce noise transmission and provide a quieter indoor environment.

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