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Quality Installation

Whether you’re looking to replace an existing conservatory roof or switch between systems and designs, our conservatory roof replacements are the perfect choice for you. Delivering the latest aesthetics, longevity and performance, our solid, tiled, and glass roofs will help your conservatory perform again with the highest quality installation. The investment for their smooth and hassle-free installation will last you for years to come.

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Latest Technology

Utilising state-of-the-art manufacturing and installation techniques, our uPVC or aluminium systems will deliver value to your home with stunning visuals and long lasting durability. Structurally designed to postcodes throughout Wiltshire, Swindon and surrounding areas, they are built to be robust against wind and snow loads. Give your conservatory the boost it needs and deserves with our stunning roof replacements.

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Energy Efficient

Through innovative technology, our conservatory roofs perform to the highest degree. Manufactured with U-values from 0.15 W/m2K, our conservatory roof replacements deliver as low as 1.0 W/m2K with double glazing for your home. These thermally efficient systems are designed with insulated columns and perimeter pelmets to help your home and conservatory limit solar ray entry.

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Minimal Maintenance

Use your conservatory all year round and enjoy the views with the minimal maintenance our roof replacements provide. Whether you choose self-cleaning glass or any of our other glass designs, you won’t need to worry about high maintenance cleaning schedules or needs. Even with our mixed glass and solid panel designs, our roofs only require occasional cleaning and low maintenance.

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Versatile Design

Create the perfect addition to your current conservatory with a new conservatory roof. With a range of stunning colours, you can create the ideal impression on your home. Choose to match your existing tiles with our three tile options or our gorgeous coloured glass. Paired with four cornice options, vaulted ceilings, central lighting panels and internal pelmets, you can design the perfect final design to meet your project requirements.

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Sit back and relax with the accreditations and certifications with which our conservatory roof replacements are manufactured and installed. Being fully compliant with JHAI and Building Regulations standards, our systems are built to last as soon as they are manufactured. Our team at Wiltshire Windows holds years of experience, as well as Certass and TrustATrader registration, so you know your conservatory is in the right hands.

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Upgrade your Conservatory

A Beautiful Range of Conservatory Roof Replacements

If you’re looking for a cost effective solution, our polycarbonate replacement roofs are available in a stunning range of clear, bronze, opal, bronze opal and solarguard colour options. For homeowners looking for versatility, our LivinROOF products are an excellent way to enjoy a completely solid roof or combine solid and glazed roofs into virtually any shape and style.

Being our most advanced design, the Ultraroof380 design offers an authentic tile finish and high customisability so you can create the perfect roof for your home. With a range of external options, capping and fascia boards, lights and speakers, they are a truly configurable design. In comparison, our Activ Blue Glass allows for an attractive, dual action and self cleaning roof. Not only this, but it will deliver solar control performance and a temperature controlled environment all year round.

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A Range of Installations

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When should I replace my conservatory roof?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of replacing conservatory roofs?

Replacing your conservatory roof can offer several benefits, including improved thermal efficiency, reduced energy bills, enhanced aesthetics, and increased property value. No matter what configuration you choose, you can enhance your existing conservatory and give it the boost it needs for years to come.

What types of conservatory roof replacements do you offer?

There are various options for conservatory roof replacements, including solid roofs, tiled roofs, glass roofs, and hybrid options that combine different materials for optimal performance and aesthetics. At Wiltshire Windows, we’ll aim to find the perfect solution for your conservatory and project specifications.

How long does it take to replace a conservatory roof?

The time taken to replace a conservatory roof can vary depending on factors such as the size of the conservatory, the type of roof replacement chosen, and the complexity of the installation. However, our friendly sales and installation team will ensure you’re informed throughout the project for a hassle, stress and disruption free installation.

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